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Aquarium Photos - Shots of my aquariums over the past several years.
Aquarium Plants - Photos and information on aquarium plants.
FAQs - A brief listing of some of the most common questions about Natural Aquariums.
Fish Drawings - Drawings of fish I did in the mid 90's.
Fish Room - Photos of my fish room.
Fresh Water Invertebrates - Developing pages about the invertebrates sometimes found in fresh water environments.
Natural Aquariums - A lecture I gave on FishNet in May of 1996.
Noxious Weeds - A list from a few years ago of aquatic noxious weeds.
Outside Pools - Wading pools with fish I had in the yard a few years ago.
Simple Approach to the Planted Aquarium - from the Sep-Oct 1997 edition of The Aquatic Gardener.

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