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The Fish Room

These are photos from February of 2000. The photo above shows about 1/3 of the West wall and a small portion of the North wall. Just to the right of the photo on the North wall is a 4'x4'x6'high iguana cage, complete with iguana. The aquarium visible farthest to the left is actually a terrarium with a frog and the half full tank below it is a paludarium with a nice variegated pothos vine in it, by the name of Fred. Fred was an old houseplant of my husbands that's managed to survive for about 8 years. He likes his new home better than when he was a potted plant.

The 3 photos below show the East, West and North walls and the photos below them are the South, West and North walls. The North wall photo is actually the end of the West wall with a bit of the North wall in it. The door is somewhat hidden by the corner of the iguana cage. With the last 2 photos you can see the changes in the room since we moved in. The photos are about 4 years apart. They were taken in the fall of 1999.

I made the shelves mostly out of 2x4's (and yes I did them myself). The vertical 2x4's are 4 feet high. Then there are horizontal supports of 2x6's and the shelves are more 2x4's. The supports are screwed on to the verticals and the shelves are nailed on to those. The lighting is plain old cheap 4 foot shop lights with one kitchen bathroom light and one cool white.

The East wall has tanks that were bare when they arrived in the summer of 1998. They belong to Peter Unmack, who was going to keep them here for that summer while he was visiting his family. They're still here and I've been slowly converting them into planted tanks. The shelves on that wall are made of cement blocks with 2x4's and 2x6's. The West wall is pretty much done, though I did figure out how I could get a few more tanks in by moving a few around and plan to do that soon. I still need to build the shelves on the South wall. They will be like the ones on the West wall, accept I'm only making them 2 tanks high with a larger space between shelves to fit some of my bigger tanks.

Basic information on the room size and layout are below the photos. There are also some notes on the early room photos.







This is the fish room shortly after we bought the house. The room is 11'x 22'. I had swept it up and started to move things in when I realized before and after pictures might be in order. The room is a shed like addition to the house that was used as a shop. There is electricity and the room came with 2 shop lights.

As you can see by the light streaming in around it, the door is like a barn door, with no insulation. This has since been replaced. The rest of the room is well insulated and until September of 1999 it wasn't hooked up to the centralized heating and cooling in the house. Previously the tanks survived the winters with a space heater and plastic over the door. The summers get pretty warm, but the tanks stayed cooler by being kept open with a fan, supplying evaporative cooling.

The last wall which isn't seen in the before photos (the East wall) is the block construction, outside wall of the house. There is also a door which rather awkwardly leads into the master bath.

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