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The Pools

This is the South side of our house. There is a chain link fence on one side and the house on the other. I attached shade cloth from the house to the top of the fence and then down the side. This has made it possible to keep fish on the South of the house, but it's still very warm and not very shady.

I've had success keeping many livebearers, native killies (including pupfish), and African cichlids outside in the summer. I had thought Gouramis would do well also but I had poor results with the species I tried outside, even though I had bred all of them inside.

Many fish winter killed even though it doesn't get very cold down here. Heterandria formosa, Gambusia marshi, Cyprinodon veronicae, Jordanella floridae, and Lucania goodei all wintered outside last year.

I have had some small successes with plants outside. My biggest problem has been too much sunshine. Cattails do well, and some Val, Bacopa, Najas, rushes, and other others have survived. There's also quite a bit of algae.

I lost 2 of the big pools this spring, to leaks. I recently picked up two 40 gallon plastic storage containers. I'm going to see how well they hold up to the Arizona sun this year.

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