For more information about planted aquariums, Natural Aquariums recommends "The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums" by Terry Barber and Rhonda Wilson.
Pond Life "This inexpensive guide is one of the most useful books I've ever owned and my favorite beginners guide to pond life. I can't even say how many copies I've gone through and given away." - Rhonda Wilson

"Nature Aquarium World 2" The second Nature Aquarium World book from Takashi Amano. Mr. Amano's aquariums and photography make him the most celebrated planted aquarist in the world today.

Christel Kasselmann's "Aquarium Plants" is the most complete encylopedia of aquarium plants to date. A must have book for the aquatic plant enthusiast.

Freshwater Invertebrates

Pond Snails

Like ramshorns, pond snail refers to a number of different species of snail. These snails are similar in shape, with a cone shaped shell. The shells are usually shades of brown and often have spots. Their bodies are usually brown to very dark brown. These snails are pulmonates like the ramshorns and are similar to them in many ways.

Pond snails usually come in to the aquarium from ponds or lakes, though sometimes from other aquarists. Pond snails can do well in the aquarium and will eat the green algae and diatoms that grow on the tank glass and decorations. They will also eat decaying plant matter, dead animals, and old food. They will basically eat the same things a ramshorn will eat.

The pond snails will lay eggs in jellied clumps anywhere in the aquarium. They look like the ramshorn eggs. Pond snails can reproduce quite well, and will overpopulate the tank if given the opportunity. Be very careful with feeding the tank to keep the population in control.

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