For more information about planted aquariums, Natural Aquariums recommends "The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums" by Terry Barber and Rhonda Wilson.
Pond Life "This inexpensive guide is one of the most useful books I've ever owned and my favorite beginners guide to pond life. I can't even say how many copies I've gone through and given away." - Rhonda Wilson

"Nature Aquarium World 2" The second Nature Aquarium World book from Takashi Amano. Mr. Amano's aquariums and photography make him the most celebrated planted aquarist in the world today.

Christel Kasselmann's "Aquarium Plants" is the most complete encylopedia of aquarium plants to date. A must have book for the aquatic plant enthusiast.

Freshwater Invertebrates

Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn snails are the most commonly seen snails in the home aquarium. These are small pulmonate snails whose shells are flat sided and curled in the shape of a ram's horn. They come in a number of different colors. These represent a number of different species and probably many crosses. Red ramshorns, like the photo to the left, are often the most desired, brown ones are most common and there are even some almost white ones. Snail shells are often thin enough to show at least some of the body color through them, most shells are some shade of brown. Some snails even have spots.

Ramshorns eat algae, dead and dying plants, dead animals, and left over food. They are particularly useful for helping to keep the aquarium glass and surface areas free of some of the softer algae. They don't seem to eat hair algae, or blue-green algae.

Ramshorn snails are hermaphroditic and able to reproduce very rapidly in the aquarium. They lay their eggs in a little jelly like clumps on surfaces in the aquarium including the glass, plants, decorations and equipment. I've heard many reports of these snails eating aquarium plants. I haven't personally had that problem. They will eat dying or unhealthy plants or plant parts. I haven't seen them attacking healthy plants, though perhaps some species may.

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