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Aquatic Plant Central A very active and interesting forum specifically for aquarium plant enthusiasts.
Crustaforum Special forum for the very popular freshwater invertebrates, including shrimp, crayfish, crabs, snails, mussels and insects. Great forum and site, focusing on Goodeids and other livebearers.
Natural Aquariums Forum Discuss Natural Aquariums, Plants, Invertebrates, Fish and just about anything else.
TFH Magazine Forum The official forum for Tropical Fish Magazine. Friendly staff and many TFH authors to help you with your aquarium queries.


Age of Aquariums, at Aquahobby, has lots of great planted tank photos and a very eye pleasing graphical layout. Lot's of information and very interactive. A really great site.
Amy and Phillips Amazing Aquaria Planted tanks and Paludariums, with lots of photos and information. Nicely laid out site.
Aqua Botanic A nice site dedicated to aquatic plants and the methods employed to grow them. Articles on different aspects of aquatic gardening and some nice photos.
Aqua Concepts George and Carla Booth's web site for aquatic gardeners on high tech aquarium plant growing.
Aqua Design Amano The web site of Taskashi Amano's business Aqua Design Amano. Amano is the author and photographer of the very popular "Nature Aquarium World" books, which have influenced so many of the recent changes in the aquarium plant hobby.
Aquarium Plants|My Views Steve Hampton, talks about his methods of growing aquarium plants. Steve did a guest column for me for "The Planted Tank" in July of 2006.
Aquarium Supply Store Aquarium supplies, including plants and algae eating fish. Nice bulletin board, great photos, including some really nice shrimp shots! Marcus took several shrimp photos that were included in my book.
Aquatic Gardeners Association AGA's page has information about the Association, how to join and featured articles from "The Aquatic Gardener."
Aquatic Plants Mailing List As the name implies a mailing list for discussion about aquatic plants. The archives are located at this site also.
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants All sorts of information on Aquatic Plants. Photographs, line drawings, identification guides, book reviews and more.
Florida Driftwood This is the first place I ordered plants from, long before I ever got on the internet, way back when I lived in Montana. They sell plants and of course driftwood. Really great articles including some with photos of native plant habitats.
Hoa G. Nguyen's Freshwater Planted Aquarium Nice web page with photos and several articles on a planted aquarium.
Jared's Aquaria Nice site with photos of a well planted tanks. Includes specific information of inhabitants. Site also includes links to other web resources.
Steve's Aquatic Page Steve Pushak's page with information on planted tanks, photos and lots of info on substrates.
[The Krib] Aquatic Plants It's Aquatic Plants at The Krib. For those not familiar with The Krib, it's the oldest aquarium internet site around. The plant section has a large selection of articles with a good links page also.
Tropica Aquarium Plants World Famous Tropica Aquarium Plants offers information about their company and plants. Care and geographical location accompany beautiful drawings or photographs of many aquatic plants.


American Livebearer Association Information on the ALA, a good list of links, member contacts and a collecting article. Lot's of Livebearer photos and a new message board section.
Arizona Rivulin Keepers A wonderful killi club in the Greater Phoenix area. Friendly members and a really great place to get killer deals at auction.
Australian Desert Fishes Pages Information about Australian Desert Fishes, the waters they live in and the lands that surround them.
Desert Fishes Council Deserts and Fish don't sound like something that would naturally go together but they do! There is a myriad of fish living in worlds deserts, many are threatened with extinction, some have already become extinct in the wild and live on only in aquariums or man made breeding projects. The DFC provides a lot of information on desert fish, their habitat and changes in it. They also including many photos and a lot of information on individual fish, many kept in home aquariums.
Endlers R Us For the little fish with lot's of web sites. Large message board, photo gallery and Hey this one seems to like Natural Aquariums too!
Guppyplace Photos, and lot's of information and resources for the guppy. Great site for beginning guppy fanciers.
Home of the of the Rainbowfish Adrian Tappins rainbowfish web site created back in the hey day of the RML. A great site archived by the National Library of Australia.
Killi.Net the International Killifish Association Lot's of great photos and information on the Killifish and how to care for them.
North American Native Fish Association Dedicated to the enjoyment, study and conservation of North American Native Fish, the NANFA site has a lot of great information about native fish and how to join the Association.
Native Fish Australia Lots of information related to Australian native fish for sportsman and fishkeepers.
British Livebearer Association Home page of the BLA has changed a lot lately. Has a nice database of livebearers and their basic statisitcis.
The Zebrafish Server Absolutely everything you could want to know about the unassuming little Zebra Danio.


AquaBidAquatic auctions. Fish, plants, equipment and more all up for auction.
Vote for your favorite aquarium web site and see how other sites are rated.
Aquarium Photography From Mostly Cichlids articles on how to photograph your aquarium.
Aqua World As the name implies this site has just about everything. AquaWorld Magazine, several other sites within it, a photo gallery, FAQ's, Chat Rooms and more.
Aravaipa Adventure Bill Edward's account of a fun little trip some of us Arizona fish folk went on out at Aravaipa Creek. I think it was in July of 1998. I think Bill brought his family home by then, but some of us went to another location after a little rain that day and had the fun experiance of an Arizona flooding creek. July is in the monsoon season.
Fish Anatomy Basic fish anatomy from Florida Fish and Wildlife. Good graphics and information.
As the name suggests lot's of fish links here! Other highlights include software to download, want ads, a help staff and more.
FishNet The classic and first major fish forum on the internet was FishNet on Compuserve. Times have changed but the forum has continued to servive, though it's not as active as it once was in it's big heyday.
Juan Miguel Artigas Azas This personal web page offers aquarium and fish information, including a detailed recipe for homemade fish food. Also photos of native Mexican fish and information on underwater photography.
Lisa's Lair Quite a few articles on specific plants and fish, a bookstore, and more from Lisa. Lisa is very nice and also participates on many mailing lists I've been in over the years.
Petfish A large selection of fish and aquarium related articles, message boards, photos and more.
Richard Hendricks Aquarium and Pet Related Web Sites I met Richard on the FishNet forum back in the days when that was the happening place on the internet for Aquarium enthusiasts, we both were very active in that community. His web site features a large list of aquarium and pet related links.
Ted's Fishroom Ted focuses mostly on cichlids, and speaks at clubs around the country. Ted and I go way back, he helped me build some of my first fishroom shelves. In fact one of the highlights of Ted's pages are his photos of other well known fish keepers fishrooms.
The Krib As they say on their site, "The oldest living aquatic web site." What's a trip to internet aquarium sites without a visit to The Krib?


The definitive page on apple snails. Anything you ever wanted to know about these snails is here. This is a really nice site.
Collecting Aquatic Insects An electronic reprint of Entomology Notes #5, copyrighted by the Michigan Entomological Society. A simple page with drawings of devices that can be made to collect aquatic insects, with some notes on specific insects.
Critter Page From LarvaTech, this page features several of the more common worms and insects that can be found in aquariums. LarvaTech also sells live food cultures from this site.
Crustaforum Freshwater invertebrate forum, includes shrimp, crayfish, crabs, snails, mussels and insects.
LFS Cultures Live food cultures for freshwater and marine fish.
Microscopic Critters of Guam Information and drawings of the freshwater microfauna of Guam. Includes photo of collection site.
The Smallest Page on the Web Information on some of the common microscopic organisms found in fresh water.
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For more information about planted aquariums, Natural Aquariums recommends "The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums" by Terry Barber and Rhonda Wilson.
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