Welcome to the Natural Aquariums web pages. I started these pages in the mid 90's to give people information on Natural Aquariums, the lovely and quiet lo to no tech planted tank.

I currently write a monthly column in Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. You can read past columns in the "Planted Tank" links below and to the right.

Other pages included on site are a large guide to Aquarium Plants, and another on Fresh Water Invertebrates. I also have several Articles on site, and a store for Books, Aquarium Supplies and Gifts.

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The Planted Tank

Columns originally appeared in
Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Welcome to the Jungle
Into The Forest
The Creepy Crawlies
A Clearing in the Thicket
Algae Eaters for the Planted Aquarium
North American Natives
Why things go wrong Pt 1
Why things go wrong Pt 2 (Algae)

I'm excited to be able to tell you my new book co-authored with Terry Barber, The Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums, is now available at Amazon. It should be in your local stores too. Terry and I put a lot of information in this book. And lot's of photos. There's information on tank chemistry, equipment and CO2, types of plants and invertebrates and lot's more. I hope you get a chance to look at it, and I welcome your reviews on Amazon.

Natural Aquariums FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions. These are some of the questions people most often email me about. If you have a question this is a good place to start looking. If you can't find what you're looking for be sure to post on the NA Bulletin Board.

Aquarium Photos - These are photos of some of my Natural Aquariums. The first page shows more recent shots and the second shows some older shots.

Aquarium Plant Guide - Lot's of photos and growing information on aquarium plants. You can browse through the illustrated guide list with the link above or you can go straight to the page of the plant your interested in with the menu below.

Articles - This menu page has links to articles, photos and artwork I've produced on aquariums and their inhabitants over a number of years. Browse the contents or go directly to one of the articles below. New March update Fish Room 2005.

Fresh Water Invertebrates - These articles are illustrated with drawings and photographs, and include everything from snails and leaches to shrimp and crawdads.

Natural Aquariums Bookstore - A large selection of aquariums books from Amazon.com. Lot's of books on aquatic plants, aquariums, fish, aquatic field and nature guides. Also aquarium products to help you keep your tanks in tip top shape. There's even a gift shop with fish and aquatic themed jewelry, clothes, housewares and more. Please support the Natural Aquariums web pages by purchasing your aquarium products through our Amazon.com links.

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Aquarium Links - Links to other sites about aquatic plants, fish, aquariums and fresh water inverts. Also awards I've been given for my web page.
Pink Depression Glass - I've been collecting pink glass for years. I've made a few pages with photos of some of my glass. Eventually I hope to add pages of a few other vintage house hold items I collect.

Dolls - I love dolls and dollhouses, particularly those from the 50's. I have quite a few photos of my dolls, and add more regularly.

Genealogy - Genealogical information about my family's ancestors.