Hygrophila difformis

Water Wisteria

This plant has many leaf forms and plants can vary widely in appearance depending on the water quality, nutrients and light the plant is getting. It's really a very attractive plant and very fern like in appearance and is one of my favorite plants. It doesn't really look at all like the other Hygrophila plants. It can be used as a back, middle or forground plant, depending on how much it's trimmed.

Wisteria grows better with medium, or higher lighting, but can be grown in somewhat low lighting also. The stems and leaves are delicate so extra care must be taken when planting, or the bruised stems will wither and the plants will float. Small parts of the plant will form roots and make new plants, even small pieces of leaves will often grow to new plants.

For more information about Water Wisteria please see my June 2006 column for TFH's "The Planted Tank," called The Genus Hygrophila and my February 2006 column, The Stemmed Plants.